This change will produce a new view of the world and change the perception of itself, resulting in anxiety and confusion. 8 Emotional Changes That Occur During Puberty. Here are some Emotion changes to look out for. When we are growing up, don't we go through various mental, emotional and psychological changes? Emotional changes during puberty happen to every girl. Puberty is a period when your little boy grows both physically and emotionally from a child into a teenager and eventually into an adult. Every adult goes through this phase once in his/her life. Reshu Manglik-April 10, 2016. Cross-curricular links. During this stage, your body goes through rapid physical and hormonal changes that prepare you for reproduction and childbirth. Success criteria. [ Read: Emotional Changes During Puberty] 2. Issues With Self Esteem: During the years of puberty, your child will come in contact with a lot of new friends and people. Changes include: It can be exciting yet befuddling. Puberty is in full swing during stage 4. Emotional changes during puberty are completely normal. Why do we have to go through these changes? For boys, puberty usually starts around age 12 but can start as early as 9 years old. It does not happen overnight. As a result, she will get the chance to see a lot of different personalities and … During puberty, hormones and body chemicals are released which can cause psychological changes or mental changes in teenage boys. Girls. Log In Sign Up. Your emotions will become very sensitive so you could explode any second. Boys go through these changes over several years. Read on for six emotional changes that may surprise you. Pupils should know: Key facts about puberty and the changing adolescent body, particularly from age 9 through to age 11, including physical and emotional changes. Going through puberty is a tricky thing. Emotional and physical changes are common during puberty. Breast swelling is a common and temporary stage of male puberty. In girls, stage 4 usually starts around age 13. During puberty some think that emotional changes are no big deal. Whereas the people that surround you will probably not being looking forward to it. The physical changes associated with puberty become the basis for new emotional experiences. Log In Sign Up. This moodiness is commonly attributed to the sudden and fluctuating hormonal levels, or "raging hormones". Both boys and girls are noticing many changes. As if the adolescence is trying to play games on you. But don’t worry, it isn’t something which is happening exclusively to anyone in particular. Simply put, puberty is a stage of life that puts you on a physical and emotional fast-track to adulthood. Your body isn’t the only thing that puberty affects. Hormonal changes during puberty can sometimes cause slight breast swelling in males. To understand emotional changes during puberty; Statutory guidance. For example, it is common for parents to note their children become more moody and irritable during this period of their lives. Some of the biggest changes you’ll go through during puberty don’t really have to do with your looks or body at all. Attention grabber. They way you think and feel will become a very unsteady balance.