2 Comments. We're here to help. This April 2, Connecticut Children’s celebrates its 24th birthday – and we’re thinking of all the kids out there who have birthdays around this time too. Just because there is a pandemic and you are low on cash does not mean you need to be low on fun. We're answering your questions about the pandemic. Here are some of our favorite DIY decor ideas and projects for Christmas: 100+ Best Festive Top Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 21. Because my young son will want a Santa Claus visit this year, and I know he’s not the only kid, by a long shot! Let’s talk ways to “meet” Santa this Christmas this year, during Covid. Unfortunately, social distancing throws a major wrench in any typical plans a parent can have when planning a Simple Activity Ideas for Kids During COVID-19. Host a holiday-themed ugly sweater party on Zoom for friends and family. So I’ve been brainstorming alternatives to sitting on a stranger’s lap in a department store, in the middle of a pandemic. COVID-19 didn’t stop these kids from having a fun birthday party with friends. Passion projects By If you are hosting a meal-based gathering for family or friends, there are some precautions you can take to help everyone stay safe while you entertain during the holidays. While Christmas is all about tradition, with a little creativity (and a strong wifi connection), you can pull off your favorite Christmas celebration ideas during covid, virtually! Speaking of decor ideas. Crafts aren’t just for kids, though, as “crafts for adults” has witnessed a significant increase in search volume since the coronavirus outbreak began. (Plus, it gives everyone the perfect excuse to celebrate in their PJs.) In-Person Birthday Party Ideas Before you decide on any in-person social gatherings, check your state and town guidelines to make sure what they recommend during the pandemic. Date Night ideas While Staying Safe from the Corona Virus. As COVID-19 remains at the forefront of our thoughts, the idea of throwing a party any time soon may only seem like wishful thinking to some. Sip together on video during the virtual party. This is a great activity for the kids and their confection creations can be used as a wonderful surprise to drop off to a grandparent. But do not fear – we had an amazing “Halloween Half Term” with lots of fun for the kids and neighbours, and I am sure, we can come up with some great ideas for Social Distance Christmas Activities for Families too! From remote working to the rule of six, there are lots of ways that life has changed during the recent pandemic. If you’re unable to get together in person this year, so many holiday ideas … Make a photo slide show of the last year starring your birthday kid. But here’s an even better idea — for 24 hours let them pretend to be royalty. Public health restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to canceled festivals, concerts and other events. Virtual Birthday Party Performers. Kids health & safety Nanny bag: 11 must-haves to bring on every job Holidays & seasons 15 party ideas for babysitters watching kids this New Year’s Eve Parenting news Video of mom ‘tossing’ baby in the snow brings out the parent-shaming Kids health & safety How to support remote learning in 2021: What to prioritize and what to let go 17. by: Emily Martin. While school kids everywhere have had their lives and routines upended by COVID-19, for seniors it’s years of anticipation cut short, and it’s hard. Many vacations and large celebrations have been limited or put on hold. The new coronavirus and the social distancing that comes with COVID-19 may have canceled kids' birthday parties, but these families still made things special. Try some of these affordable date ideas during COVID 19. One aspect that’s going to be much harder this year is the company Christmas party. My husband, three kids, and I are going to be spending a LOT more time at home (meaning…practically all our of time at home). Maybe even include something that is tied with a game or the entertainer. With COVID-19 infection rates at their highest since spring, a virtual party is the way to go this New Year’s Eve. 20 Pick-Me-Up Gifts to Send During Covid-19. They were playing Epic Minigames on #Roblox —a great example of the #metaverse in action! But as we adapt and normalize the new reality of wearing masks and sanitizing the heck out of everything, hosting a social distancing Halloween party may actually be a thing we can do. BubbleDad Birthday Parties Bubbledad (performer/educator Chris Catanese) has brought smiles to tens of thousands of kids and adults from Montauk to the Rocky Mountains. This is how to throw a fun kids birthday party during COVID-19 Madeline Buiano 4/6/2020. Here's how to plan a kids' birthday party with creative solutions, even amid social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Ahead, four ideas the kids will love, and some grown-up options for you. They are great holiday party themes and ideas for any year. Nothing about 2020 has been what anyone expected, and this fall will be no exception. While the yearly tradition is something we look whole-heartedly look forward to, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling, and Secret Santa’s may not … DIY decor crafts and projects is another great way to celebrate Christmas during Covid. From school to sports to shopping, some of your child’s favorite activities may have already been sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing efforts. Teaching your kid to think beyond themselves on their birthday will make the day extra meaningful. Above we discussed three company Christmas party ideas during COVID19, but they aren’t just for pandemics and social distance. How To Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday During The COVID-19 Pandemic Big birthday parties are cancelled, but parents are sharing their ideas for at-home parties, while we practice social distancing. Send yours to COVID@cbc.ca and we’ll answer as many as we can. SHARE. The kids can open it during the party. Spend time making beautiful DIY decor to help boost Christmas spirit and decorate your home. One fun twist on one of the most classic virtual holiday party ideas is to pick a Christmas cocktail like the ones on this list of drink ideas from Good Housekeeping, gather the ingredients, and make it as a team during the party. Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID — Related Stories. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has affected activities for many people. Yes, you can celebrate Thanksgiving (and the other big holidays), but you've got to be smart about it. COVID Christmas Party Ideas 2020 For Event Organizers Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your loved ones. April 2, 2020. There have been a few times during this pandemic already that games have helped us out, providing a chance to laugh and play together, to do more than chores or jobs or worrying. KEEPING the kids entertained is going to be a priority for families across the country now we’re forced to stay indoors. Positively Splendid lists more than 40 kids craft project ideas, while FaveCrafts details 44 projects for adults. Virtual Covid Christmas party ideas for families. As we did in spring and summer, we’ll have to come up with new things to do in fall—fortunately, it was easy to find great spring activities and fun things to do in the summer during COVID-19. Our Facebook groups have been asking for graduation ideas during Covid-19 and quarantine, and as a mom to a rising senior, and a high school grad last year, my heart goes out to all the 2020 grads. ... Let the kids take their dance party outside and dance with their friends – from an appropriate distance, of course. Creative Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID. Kids' birthday parties in the COVID era: ... My 7-year-old son’s birthday party last year involved 10 boys sweating it out at the trampoline park ... and we’ve doubled our business during COVID. Traditionally held at a venue with lots of drinks, […] How to plan a kid's birthday party during coronavirus How to throw a kid's birthday party while socially distancing COVID-19 is having a profound impact on all our lives. TWEET. If you had to cancel your year’s events, this is an opportunity to show your employees goodwill and a good time while keeping everyone safe. Charades. SHARE. For many people, these gatherings will be smaller than they have been in the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Christmas during Covid 19 is looking a little gloomy and worrisome. Create a merry playlist for everyone to get into the spirit with, and come up with games or questions for people to answer. He’ll wow kids with a bubble show, creating square bubbles, bubble characters, smoke bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles and more. Before we dive into my “Top 40 Date Night Ideas To Do During COVID-19”, I want to… The silver lining to this pandemic is that couples are staying at home together with an opportunity to turn a scary time into a fun opportunity for growth. By Trae Bodge On 5/19/20 at 9:00 AM EDT.