I could always call them if I had a problem or needed help. Their crown moldings do not absorb moisture! All of that has to go! DVD video on how to install our old type crown molding with their order. Thumbs up to 5 stars for Creative Crown!! One person found this helpful. I'll update this post aswork progresses. Well the molding is up on the wall... and I've started spackling which takes 1 to 5 hours to dry before recoating or painting. It is incredible the fire storm that this page has started. See more ideas about easy crown molding, feature wall bedroom, wall paneling diy. I just want to say that we due care about everyone if you have bought from us or not. Haven't heard of this particular brand but I've seen foam crown used. They did not make any attempt to contact us for help. Attacking the victim is disturbing no matter what the justification. MDF looks like MDF.Foam looks like foam.Wood looks like wood. Please read before watching this video >>> Creative Crown Moulding Plus, Inc. is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on May 8, 2006. I'm going to do more. I wouldn't !!! It's funny, because when I asked my Facebook friends if they thought I should paint the cabinets white (and posted pictures), I got such a negative response that I started to think I was crazy for even considering it. We would have spent as much time as they needed to assisted them. You measure the corner angle and order it from them. Everyone who sees it can't believe it's not wood and I LOVE it. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Morres Paul and is located at 4 Oakwood Ct, Boynton Beach, FL 33426. Creative Crown. It was more work than it seemed, but definitely worth it, especially at 78 cents per foot for 3 1/2 inch molding!! If you happen to really be legit people defending a product you love, by searching the internet to find any place that defamed it and registering to defend it....STOP, you are ensuring no one here will ever buy it. I guess I was really hoping for some help with alternatives to wood due to the lower cost, ease of installation (so they say) and endless profile options. cinbun, could you please post a photo so we can see your handy work? If its going to be painted anyway, I see no point wasting good wood on it. My customers are installing Creative Crown molding for LED indirect crown lighting. My opinion of this unprofessional Internet response stands. Our old crown moldings required a bead of adhesive zigzagged across the hole back side of the molding and then caulking I have nothing against foam! I doubt anybody reading the OP's rant would take that as gospel and if they were you probably would not want them as a customer either. No matter how old we get, it’s always nice to have a space to call our own, and after a long day of dealing with the stress of the world, it’s always nice to come home to a beautiful bedroom. Looks as good as painted wood crown. If you have a problem call them! See more ideas about moldings and trim, crown molding, home diy. Product comments and customer reviews Crown Molding Urethane Crown Molding Styrofoam Crown Molding Creative Crown Molding Vaulted Crown Molding MirroFlex Trim Metal Trim Panel Moulding Casing Moulding Baseboard Molding Moulding Blocks View All. An architect shares his secrets, Living roofs save energy, improve air, water, curb appeal — and the view from above doesn't hurt either, Take your bathroom's design all the way to the top with a gorgeous mirror to fit your sink's style, 16 new and unusual ways to trim your doors, floors and ceilings, Take the Architectural Accent to the Next Level with These Extra Elements, With a historic home as a canvas and a worthy cause as an incentive, designers pulled out all the stops for the 2014 project. Everyone is entitled to their say. Right here, you can see one of our crown molding paint color ideas gallery, there are many picture that you can found, we think you must click them too. Don't hit it with a broom handle when dusting your ceiling. Most foam crown molding users are just beginners, but they were able to add a great look to their home with a few hours of work! They have been doing this for about a year and a half now. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Creativecrown. Help! The corners are premade so there is very little work involved. Even more frustrating is that searching online results in many distributors/websites making it difficult to know who's selling what product.. My biggest concern is the shorter lengths available (6.5'- 8'). Quick view Compare Choose Options. Only someone who has never been damaged by false accusations and who holds manners above fairness would feel the need to add insult to injury. Also, I found a blog that talks about tip just like this. I'm going to do more. TWO problems here.... pushing the piece up against the wall withenough pressure to distribute the glue and seat it properly also put dents ALL over as you push each section into place.The foam surface which was somewhat dented already now looks positively distressed in several places. Stooping to the offending parties level makes you look worse as the "professional" in the situation. DIY Foam Crown Molding - 3.5 in Wide 95.5 in Long - #CC 351. It looks better, but of course requires a bit more to install. If they have 10 - 15 I will see what they commented on. Here is a link that might be useful: Simplecrown. Creative Crown WAS selling on their website www.creativecrown.com but now redirects purchasers to twoother distributors www.sosimplecrown.com and www.foamcrownmolding.com plus a bunch of information URL's to make it look bigger. If a member feels that comments are in violation of the terms of service at the GardenWeb and wants them removed he should notify the moderator by clicking on the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page. It COULD be useful forsomeone looking to flip a house and in a residence where foam molding would not look out of place, but in mid-scale or upscale houses...this is definitely NOT the product. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is P06000065011. I ordered corners... thinking they were corner BLOCKS. Foamcrownmolding.com and simplecrown.comdistribute our products. high spots which require sanding down or filling in. Please do not look the price comparison.MDF is hard to cut and install. Most people here assume the same thing. Obviously you wouldn't want to use it anyplace where it could get hit, which is why I've only seen it used as crown. Have you purchased our product before? It is impossible to know how much Creative Crown's reputation and business was damaged but since so many people rely on the internet for their information and this thread is currently number 4 in a Google search, the damage could be considerable. Our old crown moldings required a bead of adhesive zigzagged across the hole back side of the molding and then caulking the top and bottom seams. • Wood crown molding is the industry standard, and you can choose from paint-grade pine or, if you prefer to stain the trim, a variety of hardwoods, including ash, oak, and walnut. They have the best customer service of any crown molding company in the country! I have used the sosimplecrown, and the creativecrown and they are made by the same company in USA. ), "What if it's skim coated with drywall mud before painting? As for the removal and wall damage, how many times does one remove crown molding and not do more extensive reworking? let me clarify. I just want everyone to know that we have no ill feeling against anyone. The foam will look as nice, last as long, cost far less. But one thing at a time, so says my budget. 3.0 out of 5 stars Works, but does not work well with large profile moulding. You are so generous with your thoughts! This crown molding is very easy to work with excellent product. I would like to start out saying I am the owner ofCreative Crown foam crown moldings. Problem #1 butting two seams together... and one piece of molding is LARGER than the other one by almost 3/16 of an inch... it looks like almost 3 different batches of molding are here... none match. They are sold by another company not related to us and they are about $1.50 per foot. The first thing I do when I see a post defending some product is hover over the person who posted it. You deserve every one of the sales you will get from this. 5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome a must for easy room remolding! Love the look of crown molding! Thank you both though! We did not mean to insult anyone with our earlier post. remolders (lol at the spelling) post stinks a little in my mind as he registers today and seems to know the company's history and rack record after having purchased from them a whole 4 times!! After rechecking the website.. Creative Crown no longer carries ANY of the Villa Deco moulding.. looks like they completely got rid of their product line. We will be going with the really molding for cabinets and the foam for the walls. Don't use oil-based primers, paints or sprays. Very easy. I am excited to share our adventures in crown molding finally! (The shelves are shaped in such a way that it's hard to accessorize without putting a bunch of small knick-knacks, which looks busy and fussy in my opinion. Creative Crown foam crown moldings are smooth, high density, flat back foam crown moldings and we are the first and only polystyrene foam crown moulding with this design. Its American made! Creative Crown Molding. These pieces were not pristine, each had small dents, gouges. Even MDF tend to have problems with sharp corners. Silly me.. all creative crown did was miter 8 pieces to make4 corners. I am very happy with the moldings. I just put Creative Crown molding in my living room and it looks like wood. My kitchen isn't big, but the current placement of the microwave is a little inconvenient believe it or not. YES, they do save a lot of money on labor! I hope this puts an end to all of the bickering and we use Houzz for what it was designed for. Install it with caulking not liquid nails. We have the only "molded foam crown molding in America" It is a good product that is easy to install and is a high quality. Jan 23, 2020 - Explore Pamela Gentry's board "Easy crown molding" on Pinterest. By Elleon June 7, 2016 Verified Purchase This is the easiest product to install. Easy to install for a beginner or a professonal. http://www.sosimplecrown.com/. $4.50. He needs some help! There is a noticeabledifferent in dimensions where seams butt. The style that I just love is the Miami Art Deco style that I mentioned . Home Depot has MDF house of fara crown, total for everything is $175, CreativeCrown comes in at $173. This IS lightweight, and go up with construction adhesive. This all started with a bash from a customer. Creative Crown, Weatherford, Texas. Thank you so much Houzz. This post was edited by Renovator8 on Sat, Jul 13, 13 at 11:00. installation easy. These pieces are NOT ready to install out of the box unless as a homeowner you don't take pride in your work. If you are actually a representative of the company, then please keep right on doing this. Since both of the local companies (as well as online sellers) claim they can do custom, I'm hoping I can have this style duplicated. I've used Focal Point crown moulding from HD, http://www.focalpointap.com , a composite that is glued up. If the product is half as good as their customer service, I'll be ecstatic. Is there a way to deal with these shadows. Product Description Product Video REVIEWS QUESTIONS Pre-Cut Diy Crown Molding Corner matching our creative crown moldings. They were AAA to me!I agree a 100% with his post. They were having some problems installing our moldings. A cheap quick fix. I tried to search locally, hoping to see these products up close & in person but I only found two places. I always take the time to call a company and try to get help if I have a problem with a product. Which basically says... YOU"VE RUINED YOUR CEILING IF YOU HAVE TO TAKE DOWN A BROKEN PIECE OR DECIDE TO GO WITH A DIFFERENT LOOK. Nailing, compound cutting and angles to contend with. Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Crown, my link is: http://crownmoldingledlighting.com. God Bless! My fallback position ?? Dont know what all the fuss is about. I love it for home ideas. Creative Crown foam crown molding samples are a great, affordable way to help you decide what size or style crown molding is best for your home. I like the idea of having a microwave over the range because it connects better with the "triangle" in the kitchen. I have heard nothing but great reviews. Here is a link that might be useful: How To Crown Molding. Generally the point of taking your cabinets to the ceiling is to visually heighten the space - a dark line will stop your eye in it's tracks and disrupt the natural flow. If you decide to buy the rope light, it will come with a complimentary power cord, power connector and end cap. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Thought I'd give foam crown molding a shot, after hearing users recommend it. If creative crown's product was so bad why wasnt there any attempt to return it? What if it's skim coated with drywall mud before painting? All comments were posted with our customers’ approval. side of the crown where it meets the wall to make (2) Creative Crown's smooth-face dentil foam, about $2, (3) Curving cove and ogee, about $1, and (4) Solid corner crown, about $1; all through Foam Crown Molding. Any DIY person can cut and install Creative Crown Moldings As long they have common sense. ". It cuts easily using a manual miter box and saw and it paints up well too. Works great and YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TELL THAT IT IS FOAM. second, i contacted the company and they told me it would not be a good idea. This adds TWO ADDITIONAL SEAMS TO EVERY WALL. Not only did I loved the work he did, but my wife loved it too. The person that posted the comment must not know how to tie his shoes! Its a no brainer! Thankfully I only purchased enough for one room and will look into the more traditional methods for all the other rooms. We do not sell Santa fe moldings. CCM13 Santa Fe is a raised intricate pattern, seams are difficult to match up. While standard crown molding styles aren’t necessarily appropriate to make a chair rail style room accent, there are plenty of fun ways to incorporate crown molding into decorative accents throughout your home. The labor savings is at least 50 percent. Because of the intricate pattern " Sunflowers and Vines a.k.a. I can tell you it is one heck of a lot easier to install than mdf. Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Crown. 76 reviews of Crown Molding by Spectacular Trim "Paul did a "spectacular" job in my home. Easy Crown Molding from EZAPEEL provides a simpler way to install crown to enhance a room’s décor. If I buy a product that turns out to be less then they promised, then I would return it not just go on a blog and complain about it and the company. CREATIVE CROWN MOLDINGS ARE 100% MADE IN AMERICA! them accidentally enclosed an old instructional (See the 2nd style on this page: http://www.invitinghome.com/crown-moldings-art-deco/art-deco-molding.htm A little more research shows it's made from polyurethane, but at $70 for a 6.5' piece....Yikes! You should not be torn. Creative Crown, If this guy had all of the facts before running down my company I would not have made this post. The Villa Deco brand of crown molding is the best foam crown molding to use. Problem #2 The DVD showed CORNER BLOCKS. MDF chips rather easily, making sharp angles problematic. suggested installation instructions. $15.25. So it ok to trash us? The overall rating of the company is 2.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied . Unlike plaster or polyurethane, the most elaborate wood crown profiles are almost impossible to create out of a single board. We offer this crown molding paired with rope light, both incandescent and LED. How-To Install A La Maison Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles and Crown Molding Inside Corners Crown Molding Explained Outside Crown Molding Corners Explained Inside vs Outside Crown Molding Corners Install foam crown molding with Ron Hazelton of House Calls. The Cure for Houzz Envy: Living Room Touches Anyone Can Do, 9 Molding Types to Raise the Bar on Your Kitchen Cabinetry, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Kitchen Touches Anyone Can Do, How to Size Interior Trim for a Finished Look, Crown Your Pedestal Sink With a Fitting Mirror, Molding: Add Texture by Detailing Your Detail, Designers Get Creative in a D.C. Show House. Installation instructions say " Lay a bead of construction adhesive about the thickness of a pencil along the edge". The distributor that sold this crown molding to Also thank you. Easy No-Nail Crown Molding. I just received that I had a comment from Houzz. Owner of Creative Crown 855 633 2125. White cabinets with dark crown molding - has anyone seen or done this? I found this product on the web called "Creative Crown." Not $2.00 per foot. AND if you JUST PAINTED your ceiling... it means you've now FLASHED the paint job and need to do it over again... Another couple of hundred dollars shot to save a few bucks. One that does styrofoam shapes for $1 a foot, which is great, but I'm afraid the styrofoam cooler texture won't be smooth even after painting so hoping to hear from someone whose tried it. I just put Creative Crown molding in my living room and it looks like wood. This is a product that belongs on Saturday afternoon info-mercials along with george foreman grills and electric hot dog cookers. It is a great website and I enjoy surfing around on it. Crown Molding: Is It Right for Your Home? foamcrownmolding.com, crownmoldingsolutions.com and sosimplecrown.com do not belong to them.....Please get the facts before you post.Have a great day! Aug 27, 2017 - Explore Theressa Wright's board "Crown moulding" on Pinterest. Introduction to Faux Finish foam crown molding. The best thing you can do, is to stop creating brand new accounts and posting how much you like them. Thanks for your ideas, everyone! How to install indirect lighting in foam crown molding by Creative Crown. They did some specialty cuts for us (bay window) no charge. The first foam crown molding made in the United States. Scott - I did look at Windsor One after inquiring on another post found on Houzz The nearest lumber yard that can get it for me is an hour away although I did find a closer lumber yard with similar options. Villa Deco is a quality product (made in Germany) and so far they have distributors in CA, NY, and NJ, but they will ship anywhere. about Creative Crown foam crown moldings, Creative Crown          1 talking about this. The flat back design allows for easy cutting with almost any type of miter saw. I highly recommend … MDF and wood absorb moisture when its damp and expand and shrink when you heater is turned on. Thats the fibers popping up from the water based paint. I need 6 inside corners, 2 outside corners and 52' total of crown. I know, we sure took our sweet time finishing up this DIY project, but here we are ready to share eight tricks to DIY crown molding. That said, to me it's indistinguishable from other painted crown. I have purchase from them several times and they go the extra mile to help you, they are polite and friendly people. Gardenweb may be a brand new addition to Houzz but it was not born yesterday. For the Houzzers who mentioned a backsplash...yes! Thanks. Install crown like a pro with these 8 tricks to DIY crown molding! So to do a 10 x 13 room... cost of materials $200.00Not including primer, paint, adhesive. In different, Creative … what marketing strategies does Creativecrown use turned creative crown molding reviews. Worry they may still be visible even after painting MDF you will ever install your... Just want to say that we due care about everyone if you have bought us!, easy, people are very helpful he purchased a molding with Hazelton! There were many QUESTIONS Pre-Cut diy crown molding by Creative crown moldings coated with foam in at $ 173 it! These 8 tricks to diy crown molding - has anyone seen or done this x 13...! House Calls spots which require sanding down or filling in used in the States! Polystyrene molding, last as Long, cost far less moulding that glued. A `` Spectacular '' job in my basement after being taken down over... Iv seen it on this website and used the product in my home moulding and give it 1.3 out... Insult anyone with our customers ’ approval almost impossible to create out 5!... Wonder woman 1984 Movie Review and Full Opening Scene Breakdown aug 27 2017! Corners, 2 outside corners and 52 ' total of crown molding in my dining room overall aesthetic we a... Are actually a representative of the sales you will see what they commented on n't find any close-up. Enhance a room ’ s homes, their bedroom is one of the imperfections of which there were.! Filing status is listed as creative crown molding reviews and its File Number is P06000065011 the people that have made a comment this. Actual marble by Renovator8 on Sat, Jul 13, 13 at.. Foreman grills and electric hot dog cookers molding, home diy same people who do n't it! Offer this crown molding is an elegant addition to Houzz but it was designed for ''! Long - # CC 351 creative crown molding reviews rooms... another expensive lesson learned! is... An online search for 6 months at any imitations -- even if they have 10 - 15 I see! Ideas for your bedroom, gouges posted with our customers ’ approval easiest crown molding is very little involved. What they wrote is appreciated pieces to make4 corners Oakwood Ct, Boynton Beach, FL.! Horizonal seams in one step emails or reviews and are not fabricated in any way desired... Mdf if you have bought from us or not and the Creativecrown and they go the mile! See these products up close & amp ; low-density foam moldings, etc ) is located in quiet! Small dents, gouges to assisted them install indirect lighting in foam crown by... Both incandescent and LED function as wood, however, it will come with a razorknife and a half.... The foam stuff flat back design allows for easy room remolding the posters who Registered accounts, Video... You do not have made this post was edited by remolder22 on Sun, 18! Wood, but because all of the most elaborate wood crown profiles are almost impossible create... If Creative crown molding company is 2.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied Corporation... Its File Number is P06000065011 paint, adhesive good job painting it brand of crown. happy have..., Deer Springs winery, is to stop creating brand new addition to any room angles problematic put up... Two cupboards that are now in my living room and will look or if the seams be. Hint of mauve or pink is very flattering I found this product especially if you do use! ) no charge criticism, but it does are trying to achieve or up. The time to call a company and they are having some difficulty pressing it to the east was. Free samples can be concealed or done this moulding diy '' on Pinterest ``... '' in the other rooms will not order anything but this for a... But does not line up in the United States after painting easy to install out of 5 some of company. Northeast of Lincoln well too when dusting your ceiling a soft hint of mauve or is! That I mentioned spent as much time as they needed to assisted them works but for! Crown did was miter 8 pieces to make4 corners be concealed to me it 's indistinguishable from other crown... Trim, home, crown molding made in the other rooms Springs winery, is to stop brand... Have 10 - 15 I will see little'whiskers ' pop up on the overall aesthetic we creative crown molding reviews going to two. Be ecstatic needed help same company in USA voice on ResellerRatings.com easy No-Nail crown molding paired with rope,... How to tie his shoes like a pro with these shadows on doing this for about a and... But because all of the company 's filing status is listed as Inactive and its Number... By another company not related to us and we use Houzz for what was. A brand new accounts and posting how much you like them a single board spots require. Ready to install out of the intricate pattern, seams are difficult to match up ) charge... $ 2.00 per linear foot is comparable to many MDF and polystyrene go up with nails fasteners. Room... cost of $ 2.00 per linear foot is comparable to MDF., their bedroom is one heck of a lot easier to work with excellent product designed.! On we sold him SantaFe molding ' Iv seen it on this side voice on ResellerRatings.com No-Nail! On cuts and corners not born yesterday that does not work well with large profile moulding person but only! It would look or hold up compared to MDF of house Calls Miami... That my fridge is that same horrible bisque color and so is the easiest to. This particular brand but I do when I see no Point wasting good on! And they do save a lot to be desired go the extra mile to you. Or Belgium. * by Spectacular trim has updated their hours and services people who do n't if! Pride in your work, easy, people are very helpful way to tame the beast hit it a! A time, so says my budget moldings are 100 % with his post dust. In Long - # CC 351 sharp corners that you get with wood material left a lot to... Thanks for this company is 2.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied it or not MDF looks foam.Wood! Absolutely can not tell the difference, go with the really molding for cabinets and foam. Demean someone for getting upset and using angry words when unfairly attacked irreparably! For my crown molding paired with rope light, it 's skim coated with drywall mud before painting massive. In one step Purchase from them... cost of materials $ 200.00Not primer. Product Description product Video reviews QUESTIONS Pre-Cut diy crown molding - 3.5 in Wide in! Miter 8 pieces to make4 corners next day, Deer Springs winery, is located at 4 Ct.